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Crossfit 2011-01-04

Front squat 3-3-3-3-3 reps


My back was a bit sore, so I dialed it back to what I could handle.

Crossfit Endurance 2011-01-03

1:8 mph
2:8 mph
3:8.4 mph
4:8.7 mph

total 2.75 miles

2010 Midterm Elections

The last two years have been incredibly destructive to our economic freedom and national debt load. President Bush's actions at the end of his term horrified me. But, President Obama has only accelerated the destruction. I'm excited to see the predictions that a more conservative crowd is coming in. Hopefully they will remember why we sent them and stop spending my money so freely.

Protecting yourself and your family against pornography

I taught a lesson on "Protecting yourself and your family from pornography" today at church. Below are the resources I handed out and my lesson notes. Attached is a pdf of the slides.

How to fix health care in the USA

My brother sent me this report which states that 8% of our medical costs are to pay for uninsured patients health care. He commented:

I had never thought of this issue before, that all of our health care cost are higher because of Health providers shifting the cost of those who they serve that get fee service.

Doing your Duty

I was asked to speak in church today on "Doing your Duty". Here is what I prepared and presented.

Intro/Definition of Duty

“I love and cherish the noble word duty.”

President Monson


“Duty is the most sublime word in our language. Do your duty in all things. You cannot do more. You should never wish to do less.”

 Robert E. Lee quotes


Christmas Letter 2009

Dear Family and Friends,

We hope that this letter finds you and yours healthy and happy at the end of another busy year.

VisiPics - free software to find and remove duplicate pictures

Like everyone who with a couple years of using a digital camera, I’ve got a lot of pictures on my hard drive. And with a lot of pictures, came a lot of duplicates. Between a couple backups that got merged together and taking four pictures of each scene, I mean a LOT of duplicates.

A simple way to know you're missing some leadership skills

"You believe in some great practices that the team needs to follow, but you can't convince or get the team to follow them - even the simplest ones."

"If that happens to you - it's time to visit the idea that you may be lacking some core people skills, and leadership skills."

System Notes - My favorite mercurial extensions

There is a lot that the base Mercurial can do, but a robust extension mechanism allows all kinds of nice enhancements. We use BigFiles, and Forest, but there is lots more you can do. All of the publicly available extensions are listed at Here are some of my favorite mercurial extensions and how I use them.

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