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IDMTWY 2008 - Day 3

Miles Driven 1.2
Route church and back

Church was at 11, so we had a very leisurely morning with bacon and eggs.  Obviously, we forgot that it was fast sunday, but there was great testimonies and good lessons.  I napped with the children while Sonia talked and we talked until bedtime.

IDMTWY 2008 - Day 2

Miles Driven 74
Route Pocatello -> Rigby

IDMTWY 2008 - Day 1

Miles Driven 274
Route Lehi -> Pocatello -> Lava Hot Springs -> Pocatello


My Uncle took a couple of us snowmobiling. It was great fun though I was not physically ready for trying to stand going over the big bumps. We went up Sheep Creek Road off Spanish Fork Canyon. Attached is a gpx file which can be imported into Google Earth. It can also be viewed with this url.

Merry Christmas ... a little late

January 2008


Friends and Family,

Christmas 2001

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