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Mormon women can do it all -- 'in sequence'

Tiffany Gee Lewis wrote a beautiful essay on motherhood and the sacrifices it requires. The entire piece is worth reading, but I'll excerpt its conclusion here.

The only consolation I heard recently was a quote attributed to Brigham Young in which he said: "Mormon women can do it all, but they need to do it in sequence."

For every woman, that sequence may be different. I have to tell myself that there will be years for reading books and writing novels and getting that advanced degree -- years when I will wait for little voices calling my name, and they will not be there. There will be a time when I will go to tuck small children in bed, and find that they have grown into able men. One day, every single Lego will make it into the box and stay there.

For now I have to remember that I am not silenced, that I am simply in a stage of life that requires more hands on the ground than with a pen and paper. These are years for storing away memories of tiny hands, dimpled cheeks and the freshness of childhood.

I can do it all, I tell myself. But, right now, I am doing this.


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