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System Notes - Fun with branching and merging

Note: My company recently started using Mercurial. I wrote this article to provide some education on the value of branches.

There have been some emails flying around discussing making branches so we can “isolate changes.” I thought some discussion of what a branch is and what it is good for was warranted.

Darkgate comic slurper

I like my comics as much as the next person, but I'm lazy and don't want to have to go searching for them. Darkgate Comic Slurper provides a RSS feed that works great, but it is a pain to configure. Plus, if I want to unsubscribe from one comic, I need to go back and start over again. So, with a little magic in the text editor, I've created a opml file with separate feeds for every one of the comics Darkgate provides. Simply open the attached file in your feed reader of choice and enjoy.

Running faster

I've been working hard at my running and it is starting to pay off. I ran a three mile speed workout this morning in 24:03. That works out to a projected 25 minute 5K. My best 5K last year was 27:16. The run this morning was a stiff pace, but not nearly as fast as I would have done in a race. It is great to be making progress and not have my back hurting all the time. I'm running the Freedom Festival Run on July 4th and hope to get under 23 minutes.

Mormon women can do it all -- 'in sequence'

Tiffany Gee Lewis wrote a beautiful essay on motherhood and the sacrifices it requires. The entire piece is worth reading, but I'll excerpt its conclusion here.

The only consolation I heard recently was a quote attributed to Brigham Young in which he said: "Mormon women can do it all, but they need to do it in sequence."

No wonder people are fat.

Four and a half hours a day of eating?  Wow  I would say that is a "constant grazer"

Rachel Esplin on Mormonism

Rachel Esplin, a Harvard junior participated in a panel discussion on religion.  She did an incredible job answering Sally Quinn's questions and explaining church principles and her love for the gospel.

Merry Tossmas

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