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Love thy Neighbor talk

1) Purpose – I want to encourage greater unity in the ward and love for those not in the ward

2) Good morning, preparing a talk is horribly damaging to ones psyche.  It forces one to confront all the nagging inconsistencies in ones life.  So please, listen to the words and what the spirit tells you and I’ll work on fixing my problems along with you.

3) Verse

a) Christ had many verbal jousts with the Pharisees and lawyers.  Once in Luke 10,

Lake Blanche

I have not been able to go for a hike in a while. Yesterday, I needed to scratch the itch. Sonia was busy until late afternoon and my normal hiking companions were unavailable, so I went for a solo, night hike. I think the last night hike I went on was four or five years ago with Joel and some co-workers that hiked slower than expected. The last solo hike I went on was in Oregon. That was the one that convinced me I needed a GPS when I entered a large meadow and could not find the trail again.

Community Reinvestment Act and Fannie/Freddie

The housing problems the US market is facing right now have been apparent for several years.  I thought I understood the root cause as a historic change in lending standards, which caused a vicious cycle of increasing demand and increasing supply.  The demand came in the form new buyers and investors who would not previously have been eligible for mortgages and in outright fraud that was condoned in the rush to generate more business.  Also profit driven, the home building industry, ramped up production to meet the demand.  

Vacation homes - a good investment?

My wife and I debated purchasing a vacation home for a number of years.  We eventually decided not to because we did not want to be tied to vacationing in a particular spot.  We were concerned about the cost, but that was secondary to deciding if we really even wanted the home.  In today's Wall Street Journal, there is an interesting article that talks about the financial return on a vacation home.  The author concludes that:

Fatherhood - sacred responsibility and how to do it

I am responsible for occasionally teaching a group of men at church. Last Sunday was my turn. I prepared a lesson on fatherhood and leading or presiding in the home.


I have wanted some kind of filter on my network for a long time.  I wanted one because my children are eventually going to grow up and to protect myself.  I looked at commercial products, but I'm cheap and none of them seemed to work that well.  They all had to be installed on a per computer basis and could easily be worked around.  What I really wanted was something that would sit at the gateway of my network and act as a proxy/cache/filter.  I looked at open source options such as dansgardian and

IDMTWY 2008 - Day 7

Miles Driven 102
Route Touristing around Helena, visit to Comet (ghost town)

IDMTWY 2008 - Day 6

Miles Driven 0
Route none

We were all tired from the previous days of travel and needed a break.  Combine that with steady rain the whole day and we didn't do much.  The children played with Jenalin.  I caught up on my internet reading and tried to run.  A long nap was quite nice.

IDMTWY 2008 - Day 5

Miles Driven 307

IDMTWY 2008 - Day 4

Miles Driven 35
Route Rigby -> Ammon

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