Lake Blanche

I have not been able to go for a hike in a while. Yesterday, I needed to scratch the itch. Sonia was busy until late afternoon and my normal hiking companions were unavailable, so I went for a solo, night hike. I think the last night hike I went on was four or five years ago with Joel and some co-workers that hiked slower than expected. The last solo hike I went on was in Oregon. That was the one that convinced me I needed a GPS when I entered a large meadow and could not find the trail again.
My hiking book recommended Lake Blanche as a pretty and close hike. It was pretty and close. I ignored the part where it mentioned popular and steep. I passed 40+ people on the way up and felt every one of the 2700 feet of elevation gain. The top was close to 9000 feet and I was breathing hard to keep going.
I could not get to the trail head until 5:30 so hiked up as the sun set. The fall colors were in full display as I hiked up between the high, narrow canyon walls. I got a beautiful view of the Salt Lake Valley, the Salt Lake, and the setting sun beyond it all framed by the canyon walls. I arrived at the lake at twilight and rested against a bolder for a couple minutes admiring the view before heading back down. I was treated to the same view of Salt Lake, this time in twinkling lights as the last bits of sunlight disappeared.


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