2010 Midterm Elections

The last two years have been incredibly destructive to our economic freedom and national debt load. President Bush's actions at the end of his term horrified me. But, President Obama has only accelerated the destruction. I'm excited to see the predictions that a more conservative crowd is coming in. Hopefully they will remember why we sent them and stop spending my money so freely.

Voting here in Utah, there isn't a competitive state race for Senator. Somehow though, we have been electing Jim Matheson(D) for years. I could even respect him if he was a solid Democrat, but he is the ultimate fence straddler. I've written him multiple times and never gotten a personal response. Boilerplate sent weeks later doesn't make me think he cares about me. Fortunately, we have a great alternative in Morgan Philpot. I strongly endorse him.

The other race worth looking at is for Alpine School Board District #2. I'm not familiar with either of the candidates, but I did read through there websites. Chrissy Hannemann impressed me as someone who believes in the power of government and after eight years is firmly entrenched in the bureaucracy of the school district. Wendy Hart has an impressive background and her essays ring true to me. I'm voting for Wendy. Read about her at http://www.wendyhart2010.com/ and http://www.wendy4asd.blogspot.com/.


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